On November 16-17, 2020, Anna Gressel and Avi Gesser from Debevoise’s Data Strategy and Security Group will be joining AI thought leaders from around the globe at “The Athens Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law,” hosted by the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment Panel, UNESCO, the IEEE and other prominent institutions.  This two-day event will focus on the progress of the AI governance initiatives of key participating regulatory and non-regulatory bodies, ongoing AI policy developments as well as the challenges and opportunities of AI.

We also look forward to hosting a breakout session on November 16 at 1:35pm ET to discuss “Supervising AI: The Role of Corporate Boards.” Edward Stroz of Stroz Friedberg will join us to discuss how shareholders and regulators are looking to corporate boards to take a proactive role in establishing governance processes and supervising the complex risks posed by AI – whether regulatory, reputational, or operational – including:

  • Key questions corporate boards should be asking to ensure that they are informed about AI in the company, and how to strike the right balance between AI risks and opportunities;
  • How senior leadership and the legal department can effectively educate and brief boards on AI legal, regulatory, and operational risks;
  • What obligations boards have for supervising AI under U.S. law and global regulatory guidance; and
  • Best practices for board oversight and governance of AI programs.

The event details can be found here. Please email us at agesser@debevoise.com or argressel@debevoise.com if you would like to attend the Athens AI Roundtable or receive a recording of our breakout panel on “Supervising AI: The Role of Corporate Boards.” 

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Anna R. Gressel is a senior commercial litigation associate at Debevoise and a member of the firm’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications and Data Strategy & Security groups. She actively advises clients on the legal and regulatory implications of artificial intelligence (“AI”) and other emerging technologies. Her practice includes not only representing companies in regulatory inquiries concerning AI, but also assisting companies in developing AI principles and governance mechanisms. She can be reached at argressel@debevoise.com.


Avi Gesser is a Debevoise cybersecurity and litigation partner. He is a member of the Debevoise Data Strategy & Security Group, as well as the White Collar & Regulatory Defense Group. Avi has extensive experience advising on a wide range of cybersecurity matters, incident response issues, data strategy concerns and artificial intelligence risks. He can be reached at agesser@debevoise.com.