On June 23, 2020, please join Avi Gesser and HJ Brehmer from Debevoise’s Data Strategy & Security Group, along with our special guest, Dave Wong, VP at FireEye Mandiant, for a discussion on the current threat landscape of Ransomware 2.0 and associated mitigation strategies and considerations, including:

  • Ransomware 2.0 and the current threat landscape, including COVID-19 related phishing e-mails, attacks on industrial systems, and threats to release stolen data
  • Risk mitigation strategies and best practices
  • Payment considerations
  • Law enforcement engagement and threat sharing
  • Internal/external communications and messaging

Here is the link to the Webcast: Ransomware 2.0 – The Evolving Threat Landscape, Mitigation Strategies, and Incident Response.


Avi Gesser is Co-Chair of the Debevoise Data Strategy & Security Group. His practice focuses on advising major companies on a wide range of cybersecurity, privacy and artificial intelligence matters. He can be reached at agesser@debevoise.com.


H Jacqueline Brehmer is a Debevoise litigation associate and a member of the Data Strategy & Security Practice Group. She can be reached at hjbrehmer@debevoise.com.