On August 6, 2020, Anna Gressel and Avi Gesser from Debevoise’s Data Strategy and Security Group, along with their special guest, Andrew Smith, the Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, had an insightful conversation about the FTC’s recent guidance on Using Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms, including:

  • The FTC’s enforcement authority related to AI and automated decision-making technologies, including under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and the FTC Act;
  • The importance of transparency and explainability in providing clear information to consumers about AI and automated decision-making;
  • The relationship between algorithmic bias and disparate impact claims, including under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act;
  • How companies can mitigate AI risks, including through AI risk assessments, testing, and model validation; and
  • The importance of implementing controls to prevent malicious use of AI technologies.

To receive an on-demand recording of the webcast, click here.


Avi Gesser is Co-Chair of the Debevoise Data Strategy & Security Group. His practice focuses on advising major companies on a wide range of cybersecurity, privacy and artificial intelligence matters. He can be reached at agesser@debevoise.com.


Anna R. Gressel is an associate and a member of the firm’s Data Strategy & Security Group and its FinTech and Technology practices. Her practice focuses on representing clients in regulatory investigations, supervisory examinations, and civil litigation related to artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. Ms. Gressel has a deep knowledge of regulations, supervisory expectations, and industry best practices with respect to AI governance and compliance. She regularly advises boards and senior legal executives on governance, risk, and liability issues relating to AI, privacy, and data governance. She can be reached at argressel@debevoise.com.