On October 13, 2020, Anna Gressel and Avi Gesser from Debevoise’s Data Strategy and Security Group, along with their special guest, Jon Godfread, North Dakota Commissioner of Insurance and Chair of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Artificial Intelligence Working Group, had an insightful conversation concerning the NAIC AI Working Group’s Principles on Artificial Intelligence, including:

  • Implementing systematic risk management for AI,
  • Governance mechanisms for compliance with existing and future regulations,
  • Avoiding “proxies” in underwriting that could negatively affect protected classes,
  • Diligence on third-party AI vendors, and
  • Transparency challenges in AI-driven underwriting.

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Avi Gesser is Co-Chair of the Debevoise Data Strategy & Security Group. His practice focuses on advising major companies on a wide range of cybersecurity, privacy and artificial intelligence matters. He can be reached at agesser@debevoise.com.


Anna R. Gressel is an associate and a member of the firm’s Data Strategy & Security Group and its FinTech and Technology practices. Her practice focuses on representing clients in regulatory investigations, supervisory examinations, and civil litigation related to artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. Ms. Gressel has a deep knowledge of regulations, supervisory expectations, and industry best practices with respect to AI governance and compliance. She regularly advises boards and senior legal executives on governance, risk, and liability issues relating to AI, privacy, and data governance. She can be reached at argressel@debevoise.com.