On December 16, 2021, Anna Gressel and Avi Gesser from our Data Strategy and Security Group were joined by Maeve O’Connor and Jyotin Hamid of our Commercial Litigation Group for a special installment of our Data Security Webcast on artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity whistleblowers.

While AI helps companies generate value, it also produces a variety of risks and ethical issues. During the webcast, we will discuss how recent developments have caused companies to review their whistleblower policies and procedures, especially in the areas of cybersecurity and AI. The webinar will address:

  • Recent updates to New York State law;
  • Announcements by the SEC and CFPB;
  • The U.S. Department of Justice’s recent Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative;
  • The appropriate levels of governance and compliance for AI programs, including with respect to transparency, bias testing, explainability, privacy protections, and human oversight; and
  • Practical tips for addressing whistleblower complaints.

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Avi Gesser is Co-Chair of the Debevoise Data Strategy & Security Group. His practice focuses on advising major companies on a wide range of cybersecurity, privacy and artificial intelligence matters. He can be reached at agesser@debevoise.com.


Anna R. Gressel is an associate and a member of the firm’s Data Strategy & Security Group and its FinTech and Technology practices. Her practice focuses on representing clients in regulatory investigations, supervisory examinations, and civil litigation related to artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. Ms. Gressel has a deep knowledge of regulations, supervisory expectations, and industry best practices with respect to AI governance and compliance. She regularly advises boards and senior legal executives on governance, risk, and liability issues relating to AI, privacy, and data governance. She can be reached at argressel@debevoise.com.


Jyotin Hamid, a partner in the New York office, is a seasoned litigator with extensive courtroom experience. He handles a diverse array of complex commercial litigation matters, with a particular focus on employment litigation and intellectual property disputes. He has represented major companies in their most challenging commercial matters. In the employment area, he has successfully handled numerous whistleblower, discrimination, contract, compensation and corporate raiding litigations involving high-level executives in a broad range of industries. Mr. Hamid also counsels employers on their most sensitive personnel matters, including investigations of alleged executive misconduct. He is also deeply involved in Debevoise’s market-leading intellectual property practice, and he has litigated trademark and trade dress cases involving some of the most well-known brands in the world.


Maeve O’Connor is Co-Chair of the Firm’s Securities Litigation Practice and Chair of the Firm’s Insurance Litigation Practice and spent six years as a member of the firm’s Management Committee. She has significant experience in defending securities litigation and in representing financial services companies in a range of litigation and regulatory matters.